Topic: Birth is Empowering!
Date: 19-25 May 2014


The Netherlands: Flashmob in Amsterdam

  • On Sunday 18th of May, the day before the IWRC starts, there will be a frozen flashmob on the Museumplein in Amsterdam. Pregnant women, mothers and other people will stand still for 5 minutes. They will show t-shirts, flags of banners with the text: Birth is Empowering.
    Watch the social media: there will be films available about this action after the 18th of May.The message will be: Women need to be more aware of their own power to give birth and medicalization of birth should stop! Every woman who agrees with this message for herself, her family, friends, children or grandchildren is invited to join this happening! By standing still for 5 minutes we ask attention for the fact that women do not want to go with the flow of medicalization of birth. More HERE


  • Collectif défense AAD: Diverses actions menées dans les villes françaises par le Collectif de Défense de l’AAD. Renseignements ICI . Les villes qui participeront: Vannes, Vernon/Mantes/Rouen/Évreux, Poitiers, Albi, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Périgueux, Dijon, Lille, Montargis, Paris/Versailles, Clermont (un doute là), Valence, Toulon, Arles/Nîmes/Montpellier, Nice, Grenoble/Chambéry, Lyon.
  • Un colloque le 20 mai organisé à St Amand les Eaux, par le Réseau de Périnatalité. Divers interventions de sociologue (Pr JP Deschamps), gynécologue (M Philippe Chartier), usagers et praticiens sur l’idée d’accoucher en pleine puissance (Birth is empowering). Renseignements auprès de