International Week for Respecting Childbirth

The History of the IWRC

The International Week for Respecting Childbirth is an opportunity to raise international voices on a specific topic related with the promotion of gentle birth. The IWRC takes place every year during the month of May. Depending on the theme, objectives and ideas for action are proposed. Individuals or groups may then work out the concrete steps taking advantage of material that has been collectively prepared and made available on the website: posters, folders, leaflets etc. Depending on people/group’s time and degree of involvement, many events can be organised at a more or less large scale: exhibitions, meetings, conferences.
The IWRC was initiated in 2004 by Alliance française pour l’accouchement respecté (AFAR), a French non-profit society entirely free from philosophical, medical, religious and political lines of thinking. Since 2011 its coordination has been handed over to the European Network of Childbirth Associations (ENCA).

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IWRC 2020

juni 2, 2020
Topic: My decision must be respected Date: May 17-23, 2020 Read More

IWRC 2019

augustus 1, 2019
Topic: The power for birth is IN you Date: 12 – 18 May 2019 Read More

IWRC 2018

augustus 1, 2019
Topic: Less Interference, More Care Date :  14-20 may 2018 Below you may find the link of the activities and meetings that will take place during this year’s IWRC. Claire Loprinzi will be in Greece so members of ENCA Hellas have schedule activities in three different cities with her. Detailed the calendar is here http://www.encahellas.eu/iwrc2018.html Read More

IWRC 2017

augustus 1, 2019
Topic: 40 weeks? Birth has a right time, not a scheduled time Date: 14-20 May 2017 Read More